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Some of our reports are available as part of the "Amsterdam Intelligence Service" tv show ("De Amsterdamse Inlichtingen Dienst").

Iceland nightlife (09:00)
Pamela Anderson Lookalike Contest
Nicky Nicole Queens and Co
Stuffed Apres Ski (08:50)
Onderzeeboot Foxtrot
Eerste Parade (28:47)
Stuffed Wedding (37:00)
Paul Fegen (Los Angeles nightlife)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (37:00)
Praag (20:00)
Roswell Alien Parade (22:32)
Dino's 9 jaar
Wenen Loveball (06:40)
The Other Side Of Ibiza



Welcome to The Golden Years of Hedonism, a large collection of reports filmed in the period 1995-2004 (some older, some newer) about nightlife and related activities all around the world. You will find a trailer on each page. These films are available online, some are also available as DVD.
Online streaming is $1,25 per title.

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Now & Wow

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Tokyo Nightlife

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Las Vegas Nightlife

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