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Some of our reports are available as part of the "Amsterdam Intelligence Service" tv show ("De Amsterdamse Inlichtingen Dienst").

Iceland nightlife (09:00)
Pamela Anderson Lookalike Contest
Nicky Nicole Queens and Co
Stuffed Apres Ski (08:50)
Onderzeeboot Foxtrot
Eerste Parade (28:47)
Stuffed Wedding (37:00)
Paul Fegen (Los Angeles nightlife)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (37:00)
Praag (20:00)
Roswell Alien Parade (22:32)
Dino's 9 jaar
Wenen Loveball (06:40)
The Other Side Of Ibiza


France Nightlife

From the gay bars and clubs in Paris to the Beach Bum photosessions
on the Cannes Filmfestival, the Oh La La Cabaret, La Nuit Demonia,
Alien Nation undergound parties and last but not least a Black Sun
Pagan Passion Party with Rockbitch, to celebrate a solar eclipse.

00:00 Ray Slijngaard
05:21 Moulin Rouge
13:09 Magali
15:24 Banana Café
23:57 Alien Nation
30:45 Boutique Demonia
33:54 La Nuit Demonia
39:46 Tony Ward
51:23 Private Cannes
1:15:10 Rockbitch Sun Pagan Passion Party (Solar Eclipse)

length 89 minutes
Dutch, French, English spoken, partly subtitles

Irene van de Laar
Jorinde Moll
Ilse van der Poel
Simone Angel

producent Olivier Jansen

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