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Some of our reports are available as part of the "Amsterdam Intelligence Service" tv show ("De Amsterdamse Inlichtingen Dienst").

Iceland nightlife (09:00)
Pamela Anderson Lookalike Contest
Nicky Nicole Queens and Co
Stuffed Apres Ski (08:50)
Onderzeeboot Foxtrot
Eerste Parade (28:47)
Stuffed Wedding (37:00)
Paul Fegen (Los Angeles nightlife)
Rocky Horror Picture Show (37:00)
Praag (20:00)
Roswell Alien Parade (22:32)
Dino's 9 jaar
Wenen Loveball (06:40)
The Other Side Of Ibiza


Icons of Ibiza

Ibiza, the capital of Hedonism, is well known for it’s thriving
parties and colorful people.

00:00 Manumission “Ibizan Myth’s”
13:11 In Bed With Space Barbara Tucker
19:59 DC 10
21:45 Bora Bora
24:35 Salvacion (El Divino)
28:16 Kumharas
31:59 Scandal (Pacha)
38:40 Formentera Mud Pool
40:34 Andy Fields Hypnotist
53:04 Tribe Of Frogs Las Dalias
56:11 Pervert (Amnesia)
1:04:35 Teatro Pereyra
1:06:34 Manumission 10 years anniversary “Story Of M”

length 83 minutes
English subtitles

Jorinde Moll
Simone Angel
Ilse van der Poel
Loni Brouwer
Miriam van ‘t Veer

Olivier Jansen

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