Rockbitch Bitchcraft

In 1996 the British rock band “Rockbitch” start to perform with an explicit sex show on stage. Until then the band was like a lot of rock groups, making music in small venues. After years Amanda, the bass-player replaced most male members in the band for girls. Before and after gigs, in the dressng room and the tour buses they gone wild. And so they decided to bring their back stage activities on the stage. But doing this in the U.K. was nearly impossible. They moved to France and they bought an old house to start a community (8 girls, 2  boys) and start an European tour. In 1996 a concert in Almelo in the Netherlands was caught on photo and publicity boosted because the major of the town decided to ban the band for the future. National television (we) had to organize a special concert for the press, so everybody now could see what Rockbitch was all about. The stage show was, beside the ordinary setting of a rock group, filled with half naked ladies (and a male guitarist, dressed). Blow-up dolls, dildo’s and skulls were used to perform witchcraft rituals. One of the members, Lucy, was used as a sex-slave. The message of the band was clear: they liked it rough, not vanilla, with tips on how to fist-fuck (with gloves, and lubricant). The most uproar brought the introduction of the Golden Condom Award. The person in the audience that catched it would have a private moment backstage with Lucy. From this moment the Dutch audience agreed that they witnessed a bizarre, strong show with sexual energy. And such performance was allowed in the region of Amsterdam, but not in the countryside. Germany, Norway, Canada and the U.K. banned the Rockbitches. Finally Rockbitch stopped in 2002, after huge problems with the authorities in the U.K.

Length: 76 minutes

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The original video footage is shot-by-shot re-assemled, corrected, denoised and so on to fit perfectly on your screen as it was intended in the days the product was filmed with the best SD equipment available in 1997, like the Ikegami HL95 camera.