Luke’s Freak Show

In Miami we visit the “Black Hugh Hefner” aka Luke, who we know from the 2 Live Crew with “Me So Horny”.
Luke: Me so horny all the time.
Jorinde: You are?
Yeah. I’m only older.
How long ago?
That’s well, what? Five, six, seven, seven years ago?
Was that your debut?
That was my debut. Yeah. Actually, it was 20 years ago when I started the 2 Live Crew.
And what happened after the success of 2 Live Crew?
Well, it went crazy. Majority of the guys, you know, they start taking all kind of drugs and everything. Some of them.
So, I mean, basically, I’m the only one rolling around.
Still standing.
Still standing. I guess I was the leader. And then I broke off long time ago. Like I say, about seven years ago, I broke off, started doing my solo thing.
Let’s talk about the freak shows.
You wanne be on there?
No, no, no.
You should be on.
No, no, no, I don’t think so.
How did this start? Because I’ve seen the videos. I’m like huh?
You saw the videos? I actually started filming all the touring that we were doing. We filmed the shows and the hotels and film the things that was there.
And that was real live show. Everything going on.
Everything really shit going on.
People want to see this, you know? And then all this reality TV started happening, people kept saying, Man, people want to see what goes on, you know, because a lot of people don’t believe it.
They don’t believe it. But that’s what’s really happening. You have groupies hanging around?
Groupies in your arm, jumping around on the bus, jumping in the bus, going into the whole.
Jumping naked on the bus.
Naked on stage. We just did a show in Maryland. And and the girls got on stage and they got naked in this. When we told what happened nobody believed us. So then what we do is we start taping it.
I was very curious about one thing, that is I’ve seen a lot of things happening on the street just in public. Have you never got in trouble with the police because of this?
No, because it’s so spontaneous. We set it up and be like, okay, we’re going to have a big freak show party over here. And then next thing you know, the police beat it. You know, I got in trouble. You know, it was something on the news the other day. I got in trouble in South Carolina where the girls got on stage and got naked and everything.
And before you know it, you know, the the police looked at the tape and say, oh, we want to press charges because he had a wild show in our town and all that. Yeah. So, I mean, that’s the one only once.
Out of how many times?
Man, maybe 200 times, because my show and my parties are like crowd participation. It’s not like a regular rapper, R&B singer, you know, It’s more of the crowd participation. We bring guys on stage and dance with my girls, you know? And then we got girls out to dance with my guys and it becomes a big toga party.
But is it only with you when you’re on or it doesn’t happen with other R&B?
No. Just me.
Just you. Not Snoop Dogg.
No, no, no.
No Exhibit.
No, no, no.
They don’t get what you get.
No, they don’t get what I get. They try and be like me, but they necessarily can’t be like me.
But now you have a name that when you’re onstage, that the women know that you’re coming to town.
They get ready to jump in and.
Start shaving.
Yeah, yeah.
Or not. I always I’ve seen unshaven.
They shave because they know the cameras is going to be there. So they got to be looking good in and they got me smelling good also.
Those guys you takethem out of the audience and start working on them. How about protection? Because they just they don’t know each other’s name even, and they just get together and start doing their thing and, like, go see the doctor, maybe?
Yeah, I have to be honest, there is no safe sex going on.
There is no intercourse. But it’s like oral. A lot of it is oral.
But you still have to be safe. I advise people to practice safe sex. Don’t try these things what you see in the Freak Show tapes. The tapes come out in Europe. Freak Fest, The Movie.
Freak Fest The Movie, is that like Jackass, The Movie?
It’s like a spring break movie. We shot it on South Beach.
Is it showed in cinemas?
Yeah, it’s not X-rated. It’s not like a Freak Show.
Is it going to be safe for us to come to your party?

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